Artist Statement

I am inspired by the vagueness and deficiencies found in our interpretations of our own experiences. My work explores the fragmented nature of perception in which there is an inherent incompleteness and I am interested in capturing that interplay between our internal conditions and the nature of perception that shapes the events that we encounter.

There is a reciprocal conversation between event, perception, and condition; a circular dialog in which new information is constantly changing our condition which, in turn, shapes our perception. If we could listen in we would hear a conversation that, at times, may appear fluid and coherent, yet is full of vague references and half formed expressions. Instead of being complete, the communication between the experience and our condition is fragmented or disjointed. I focus on that disconnection and I look for the ways that perception obscures, distorts, excludes, and manufactures the details of our experiences.

Currently, I focus on the human form as the subject to explore this aspect of perception. I also use this subject to examine how the body acts as a medium that feeds back into the loop of perceived experience.